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I understand ppl concern but I have been with 5LINX for 10 years and what I have found is that like anything in Life. You get what you put in. I have had tremendous success and helped almost 20,000 people make money. I had no experience but was willing to work hard to understand the system. Most people join things but never commit you can see how many times they have tried other things and quit. Here is my success story video WWW.TAKEMYTIMEBACK.COM i will ans any question anyone has. Bc its only two things make u fail lack of training or lack of effort.

Vaughn Villafana



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*** like these need to just do us a favor and die. I am so annoyed with a minimum of 15-20 calls a day for solicit calls.

There should be a new law in place and be punishable minimum 20 years in prison and 250k fine. When people waste other people's valuable time everyday, that cost more than money. You take my valuable time I didn't ask for, you need to pay with your life.

I'm just sick of these people. what's wrong with these people ran by Satan.

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